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When NOT to Hire a Public Adjuster

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Here are some reasons why a Public Adjuster may NOT need to be hired:

  • After a claim, there will be a wide array of emotions and unexpected difficulties that you will have to face.  These emotions can put you in a vulnerable state, and may make decision making more difficult.  We recommend that you do not hire a contractor, Public Adjuster, or any service provider for the first few days after the claim.  Make sure you take care of yourself and family first.
  • Public Adjusters are trained and experienced to handle complicated and difficult claims.  A company adjuster may only be trained and qualified to handle more basic claims that involve minor losses.  If your claim involves minimum replacement from a minor loss, a Public Adjuster may not add enough value to your claim.
  • In some cases, for example, you may only have a $5,000 policy limit for water backup from sewer or drains, and your finished basement floods from a sump pump.  The work to remove and replace the contents, drywall, and flooring will exceed that limit. A Public Adjuster would not be necessary because the limit will be met and there is little value to be added to this small claim.

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